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ESSENTIAL Reading and Writing Thai

Foreigners who want to learn Thai will find that the ability to read and write the language is essential. These two skills are also critical for anyone who wants to do business in Thailand, academic research about Thailand, or even simply live in Thailand. While many foreigners are only interested in speaking Thai, this can hinder their linguistic development because the Thai vowels and consonants have unique individual sounds, and the written form of the words ultimately determines the tone. In short, the ability to read unlocks the mysteries of the tonal system, and this is crucial because tones in Thai convey meaning.

Essential Reading and Writing Thai is a comprehensive course book for foreigners wishing to develop their Thai reading and writing skills at all levels. The course was designed and created by Thai teachers whose experience in helping non-native Thai speakers gives them a unique insight into the challenges which must be overcome.
This course is designed to be used either in a classroom or for self-study, and its clear structure makes it easy for learners to follow. Starting from the beginner level, the course presents lexical items, translations, phonetic guidance, and practice exercises which take the learner on a journey towards proficiency. The lessons start by introducing the new vocabulary, along with translations and usage examples. The phonetic alphabet is used as a guide to pronunciation. And also Audio here.

Using this course book will help the learner to acquire functional skills in reading and writing the Thai language, starting from a basic level and developing through the intermediate and advanced levels to achieve mastery of the language.

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Happy students

“Enthusiastic and dedicated” are those words that I use to describe about my most favorite Thai teacher – Nan. And here are reasons:
1. She knows exactly what she should explain to you in the most easiest way about Thai grammar or any thing that make you confusing. She stands at the position of foreigner learning Thai, understand what difficulty you might have and figure out which is the best way to teach you . Even Though i have to work everyday and dont have enough time to review Thai, but I still can remember lot of new words and apply it in each circumstance.
2. She is very patient. She wont give up until you can totally understand (after experiencing few Thai schools and more than 7 teachers, “patience” is what i really need. Those teacher just try to explain and guide me 1, 2 times then they just laugh and tell me just move on)
Jo From Vietnam
“Learning Thai with kru Nan is simple and easy and I improved my Thai and my understanding of Thai a lot.”
 David From America

“Learning Thai with mother tongue. She clearly understand me and gave explanation with scenarios which is help a lot.”

Melissa From Singapore

“Teacher Oil is an excellent teacher and she is incredibly patient, flexible and make every lesson fun. I would recommend teacher Oil to anyone wishing to learn Thai”

Ako Kumagai From Japan

“Oil is better than other techers, speaks slower and follows the text book more”


“It’s very hard for me to learn Thai language, but for me Kruu Oil is the best techer because I feel good and have fun. when I din’t inderstand 10 times i can ask her again. She explain all if i understand, very vey good”

Sascha Kolzoreh